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Question: Peter, I live in Westchester County and have heard a lot about Westchester Powerwashing doing business in my area, in particular my town of White Plains and my brother’s in Hawthorne. I am a bit confused, do you “pressure wash” a roof or “power wash” a roof. Thank you for answering, I am looking to get my roof cleaned and want to make sure it is done right so I figured I would ask you, a professional. – M.V. in White Plains, New York

Answer: What is the difference between “pressure washing” and “power washing” is a great question. It is a important to know the difference as pressure washing and power washing are not the same. Remember, pressure washing a roof can cause damage to shingles as well as other components of your roof. 

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to spray off mold, algae, dirt, and grime. While this is effective for metal or concrete roofs, it has been known to damage shingles.

The best way to clean shingles is a process we use called power washing which means we use the most effective methods of careful-wash roof cleaning recommended by ARMA. As Members of the Power Washers of North America (PWNA), we use only safe and effective cleaners that kills mold instantly. We will gently spray your roof removing years of growth bringing your roof back to a newer look.

In fact, what we do is the ONLY roof cleaning method approved by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association and the largest shingle producers.

Our proven process removes roof algae quickly and brings back the curb appeal of your roof. 

Roof washing is among our specialties, and our experience safeguards you against the damage-prone methods of less experienced competitors. We understand that soft-wash method protects your roof against unsafe cleaning methods and your wallet against a higher electric bill.

Thank you for the question M.V. Call me at (914) 490-8138 for a free home and roof evaluation. By the way, besides roofs, we also Pressure Clean Walkways, provide Vinyl Exterior Pressure Cleaning, Wood Exterior Pressure Cleaning, Deck Staining and we do something most people don’t think of, we offer Outdoor Furniture Cleaning.

Yes, we serve Westchester County proudly for more than 30 years but we also have a great reputation and customer base in Putnam County and Dutchess County. Feel free to share our phone number or website westchester powerwashing with your family and friends. We appreciate the question and love referrals!

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