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Ask Peter at Westchester PowerWashing – ver05

Question: I’ve been enjoying reading your Ask Peter at Westchester PowerWashing Blog and had a few questions for you.
To begin with, I live in Scarsdale but also own property in Armonk and Pleasantville. I have been noticing that due to the extreme humidity we have been experiencing here in New York, there are long black streaks running down the north side of both of my roofs. These black streaks I realize by reading your blog that they can lead to other issues including mold and mildew, reduced energy efficiency as well as reduce the curb appeal of my homes.
As it seems with Global Warming, every year these stains are becoming more visible and more unattractive. I used to wait to hire someone and clean my roof when it got really bad looking but now that I am more educated (thanks to your blogs), I realize this could also lead to my shingles being eaten by the fungus, mold, algae and lichens. I know this needs attention before it becomes costly.
The end of summer is near and we have more humidity scheduled here in Scarsdale and of course Armonk and Pleasantville. Should I wait to contact you to come after the humidity decreases or should I address the black stains and streaks on my roof now.
Also, it seems the north side of the house gets the black streaks on the roof but I don’t notice them on the other sides of the house. Perhaps they are less visible to the naked eye.
I have no intentions of climbing the roof and place myself at risk as I am getting a little bit too old for that. At my age, it is hard enough to climb up and down the stairs.
With this in mind, while you are on the roof, can you also let me know if you see something that may need attention from a roofer such as damaged shingles or soft patches on the roof.
I know this may sound like I am asking for a free roof inspection but I figure if you are already up there then you can advise me to what you see.
Just so you know, you serviced my neighbors roof a few months ago and she said you were a gentleman, left her property clean and took care of it as if it were your own.
Peter, could you please provide me with an answer to my questions above. I am sure other people have similar questions and as the population ages, finding people who know what they are doing and you can trust is mandatory as we are vulnerable consumers.
The aging population is increasing and are vulnerable consumers when it comes to being taken advantaged of as well as having limited mobility which necessitates hiring others to do the work you once could do for yourself.
Thank you for reading my blogs and for your question. I am familiar with your neighbor, she did mention you have a few questions and would probably call me or write in. She is a wonderful lady and has an amazing personality. Always a joy to speak with and she keeps her home and landscaping in immaculate condition.
You have great neighbors and I am familiar with your home in Scarsdale but of course not the other ones. If I am correct, your home is on the corner with the set of beautiful oak trees in the front. She pointed out your home as someone who has been expressing interest in having your roof washed.
Yes, the black streaks on the roof do appear mostly on the north side of the roof which has nothing to do with your particular home it is related to the fact that the north side of your roof gets the least amount of sun and stays wet and damp the longest. These black stains are also more apparent when you have tall trees and there is lots of shade thereby not allowing the sun to dry off the roof quicker.
The best option for you is to go ahead and contact me at 914.490.8138 so we can set up a free roof inspection where I can take a look at your roofs in Scarsdale, Armonk and Pleasantville.
The black streaks, as they are commonly called are actually black algae or roof mold. Besides being unsightly, they do tend to take away from your curb appeal and I assume based on the number of homes, your tenant’s enjoyment from an aesthetic appeal as well.
Not to sound the alarm, but there is also a health reason to maintain your roof as algae, mold, fungus and lichens can affect humans and pets. So getting this resolved has multiple benefits you, your family and your tenants.
As your home ages, just like us humans, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
While there I can let you know what we see in regards to the condition of your roof.
We are not roofers but if anything appears to be an issue, we will definitely inform you so you can take care of it.
If you have concerns about your roof, call a roofer. They are licensed and qualified to advise you about the condition of your roof.
We properly and professionally clean your roof to prevent you from needing a roofer if the job isn’t done correctly. We only use cleaning solutions that do not harm your roofs shingles and never pressure wash your roof which can destroy your shingles.
In response to whether you should wait until the humidity passes to clean your roof. Well, as you know, every season creates a new set of circumstances for your roof to endure. With that, I suggest having your roof cleaned and then allow us to provide you with our regular scheduled maintenance plan which in the long runs saves you money and saves your roof from the condition you are now experiencing.
I know you didn’t ask, but if you do retain us to clean multiple roofs, we do provide a discount as well as offer a senior citizen’s discount to help celebrate your milestone.
I know every little bit helps and I appreciate the opportunity to welcome new clients such as yourself.

County homeowners interested in finding out about our scheduled roof maintenance program should call me, Peter, owner of Westchester PowerWashing at 914.490.8138. When you call, mention you want a free estimate to clean your roof and to discuss having your own scheduled roof maintenance program started so you can protect your roof, your home, your investment and your health.
Westchester PowerWashing cleans roofs, siding and patios in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. Westchester PowerWashing has been recognized as a 5 star rated premier roof powerwashing company in New York for more than 30 years. Peter at Westchester PowerWashing can be reached at  914.490.8138 or www.westchesterpowerwashing.com.
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