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Carmel roof cleaning (zip 10512)

Carmel roof cleaning and washing by Westchester Power Washing is the #1 roof cleaning company in zip code 10512. In addition, Westchester Power Washing is also known for power washing siding, patios and decks.

With almost 30 years of professional experience cleaning roofs, siding, patios and decks – Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing, has washed over 15,000 homes. Now retired from police work, Peter serves and protects his customers by giving them the best home exterior cleaning available.

Logo for Westchester PowerwashingDo you want your roof and home exterior free of black streaks, stains, mold and mildew? If yes, call Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138 today. You will get a free, no obligation, Carmel roof  cleaning or home exterior cleaning estimate.

Remember, not all companies are the same. For best results, hire a company with expertise to clean your roof, siding and home exterior. If not, your home can be damaged or not properly washed.  This leaves you having to call a professional like Westchester Power Washing to rewash your home. Therefore, save yourself time and aggravation.

Call Westchester Power Washing and get your roof, patio, deck or home exterior cleaned right the first time.

The call is free. The service is excellent. And the right time to call is now.

Therefore, call Peter at 914-490-8138.

Peter welcomes you to Westchester Power Washing. He gives you access to him, not an unanswered voicemail. Our Carmel roof cleaning, patio cleaning, deck cleaning and home exterior washing will make your home feel new again. Not only that, you will also be protecting your investment. A dirty home loses its curb appeal and value quickly. In addition, washing your home and removing the dirt, mold and mildew increases your home value.

Westchester Power Washing only washes your Carmel home and roof with biodegradable cleaning solutions. Whereas, other companies use unsafe products known to cause damage to roofs, landscape and pets, Westchester Power Washing never uses these products.

Your Carmel home is too valuable to trust with just anyone.

Therefore, call an expert with a list of satisfied customers in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. When your Carmel home needs to be washed, call us, Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138.


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