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Cost to have vinyl siding cleaned?

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How often should I clean vinyl siding? Is there a benefit to cleaning siding annually? I live in Westchester County. My vinyl siding is dirty. My vinyl siding and walls have mold, mildew and green fungus. How much does it cost to have my vinyl siding cleaned? I know you serve Westchester County in Chappaqua, White Plains, Armonk and Bedford. Westchester PowerWashing was recommended to me by a neighbor. I trust Westchester PowerWashing to be experts in cleaning home exteriors.

Vinyl siding cleaning is more than your vinyl siding appearance. You see, washing vinyl siding maintains your sidings life, integrity and energy efficiency. Also, cleaning your siding removes bacteria, lichens, mold and fungus from your vinyl siding.

Have your vinyl siding cleaned annually not just when your vinyl siding looks dirty. So, cleaning protects the health of you and your loved ones. The bacteria- lichen, mold and fungus- cause respiratory problems in people and pets. Therefore, this makes cleaning your vinyl siding extremely important.

So, cleaning your vinyl siding regularly protects your house, health and, also your real estate investment.

Westchester PowerWashing always recommends our clients to protect their house, health and roof. It is cheaper to maintain your vinyl siding than wait for it to be dangerous to your health.

Westchester County homeowners provides scheduled vinyl siding cleaning and maintenance. Call me, Peter, owner of Westchester PowerWashing at 914.490.8138. When you call, mention you want a free estimate to clean your vinyl siding and to have a scheduled cleaning program to protect your siding. We will also take a look at your roof to see if there are any mold, mildew and lichens.

Westchester PowerWashing cleans roofs, vinyl siding, driveways and patios in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. Westchester PowerWashing is recognized as a 5 star rated premier house powerwashing company in New York for more than 30 years. Contact Peter at Westchester PowerWashing at 914.490.8138 or www.westchesterpowerwashing.com.

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