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Five Tips for Fixing Up Your Home for Summer

As Westchester is pummeled with fifteen inches of snow, residents of Yorktown, Briarcliff, and Bedford all have a single thought on their minds:


And after the beating our homes have taken this winter, Westchester Powerwashing put together a “Top 5 Tips” for maintaining your home after the storms subside.

5) Clean and Repair Your Roof. As ice and snow traps the fall leaves on top top of the beautiful colonials and raised ranches of northern and southern Westchester, it becomes a necessity to care for your roof.  Cleaning out gutters and maintaining your roof will go a long way to ensuring the safety and quality of your home.

This is because damp leaves, dirt, and debris left over from winter are a prime breeding ground for mold.  Removing the unnecessary weight from your roof is paramount in the preparation process.

4) Stain and Pressure-Wash Your Deck. We know how to throw summer barbecues here in Westchester, and a clean & classy pressure-washed deck is your first step to making that happen.
Before you pull out the lawn chairs or fire up the grill, you want your deck looking vibrant and mold-free.  Nothing kills a summer barbecue like mold spores or a pollen-stained deck. (Well…maybe a loss to the Red Sox.)


3) Landscaping. Landscaping. Landscaping. OK..so let’s say you’ve stained your deck, pressure-washed the vinyl, hung up the tiki lights, and bought mosquito nets, but your lawn’s been totally neglected.  It quite literally is a “jungle out there.”

After all the prep you’ve done to throw a great soiree, don’t let your lawn become an eyesore.  Be sure to mow or hire a landscaper to ensure it’s in great shape.  Your typical Westchester property has a generous amount of land.  Let’s keep that grass trim and green!

2) Your Driveway: The Essential “Sweep and Spray.” Whether your kids are playing basketball in the driveway or you’re pulling in the cars, a great and often-overlooked way to spruce up your home is a good raking and pressure-washing of your driveway.  Oil, twigs, dirt, and debris have no doubt been building under all the snow, and a thorough sweeping and pressure-washing will clean that all in minutes.  No getting out leaf bags like it’s autumn or struggling with yard equipment.

Your friends and neighbors will marvel at the state of your home, without truly being able to pinpoint what you’ve been doing differently. That’s what we like to call a job well done.

1) Powerwash your home. While we do own and operate Westchester Powerwashing, we sincerely believe in the importance of pressure-washing your home at the beginning of spring.  It truly brings out that “new home” shine, and after completing all of the above steps, you want to ensure well-groomed backyard matches your sparkling vinyl.

After a wet winter like this one, the mold can begin multiplying rapidly if the house isn’t powerwashed thoroughly.  And why not?  Many Westchester homes have nooks and crannies often missed by novice power-washers.

With over twenty years of experience in the field, we’re able to identify those problem areas and ensure they’re serviced properly.  After you’ve pressure-washed the dirt and mold off your siding – whether you live down by Bronxville or over by Ossining – you’ll be able to host those relaxing summer barbecues that last well into the night.

…Just remember to extinguish that fire pit before going to bed.

Westchester Powerwashing has 20 years of experience providing Westchester County the most professional and client-friendly power-washing service in New York.  Whether your home needs to be pressure-washed or your deck needs staining, feel free to give us a call for a free estimate and follow us on our Facebook page. (We don’t spam.  Ever.  Our page is a community of devoted customers and we respect their news feeds.)

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