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Pressure Wash Preparation: Steps to Take Before a Cleaning

Before Westchester Power Washing comes to clean your vinyl, deck, and patio or use our traditional “slow-wash” on the roof, we always advise our clients to take the following steps prior to treatment:

Power Washing Preparation

1) Ensure that all exterior water faucets are operable and available to be turned on from outside (please check from outside and advise of number and location)


2) For power washing or pressure cleaning of decks, customers are responsible for removal of all items from the deck surface, from under the deck and from around the deck. Please call in advance to check on items such as barbecues and large tables.  Please have all these items moved at least 30′ away. This is to ensure that they do not get damaged or dirty.

3) For power washing or pressure cleaning of house / patio, customers are responsible for removing and and all items around the vehicles.  They should be at least 50 feet from house, deck, & patio. The best spot would be on the street.  Additionally, deck items should also be moved 30′ away, e.g., flower pots, mats, chairs, etc.

4) Please make sure that all windows and doors are tightly closed and secured.  We are not responsible for any siding that is loose or not properly attached to house.

5) Please make sure that all lights and other fixtures are secured. If they are loose please secure or remove them prior to pressure cleaning. e.g. light covers tops, etc.

Westchester Power Washing is the top choice of customers in Westchester, Dutchess, and Putnam counties not only for our 20+ years of service on the job, but also for our expertise before the job starts.

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