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Pressure Cleaning Mold in Westchester County, NY

Pressure Cleaning Mold in Westchester County, NY

What is mold?    They are small organisms which are found everywhere, outside and inside, they are on plants food leaves and other areas.  These mold, mildew can disguise themselves any color being white, black green or orange.  These mold and mildew area can be beneficial to our environment since they are required to break down some dead materials.  These mold travel through the air and are light weight and very small called spores(mold and mildew)

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  • Pressure washing also cleans mold and mildew from all wood and plastic composite material. Wood decking can be hardwood teak furniture lumber such as ipe mahogany and pressure treated including cedar and maple, pine.
  •  Power washing of stone surfaces such as brick pavers, walls, unilock walkways, cement, patio, slate flagstone, and concrete areas can control mold growth.
  •  Everyday we are exposed to mold sometimes by breathing it, touching it, or eating it.  If a mold is growing in a area tiny spores can be released into the air and easily inhaled by all of us.  Mold spores can cause people adverse health issues if someone inhales a large quantity of spores or is sensitive to mold.

By hiring Westchester Power Washing, we can provide a free estimate to pressure wash clean any visible mold on any siding – vinyl, wood, stucco – or on any surface that is in  need  of a local top quality professional expert powerwashing and can removal of mold concerns

Mold can even smell different ways stale outdoor odor or musty .  Vinyl houses are in need of powerwashing mold to attemp to control growing and spreading of these spores

Mold conditions can lead to very serious diseases and respiratory concerns and dermatological issues.  Mold can also be a hazard to the structure that you live in.   These mold issues can be addressed and corrected with a professional power washing service.  Humidity is a hose for very harmful and toxic bacterias such as fungus and fungi spores.  Preventative action must be taken by powerwashing, any surface mold and mildew now.

Regular maintenance by choosing a powerwasher in any towns including Chappaqua, NY, Bedford and Armonk, is necessary due to our humid summer spring months.

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