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Pressure Cleaning: The Summer Prep

Westchester residents are dusting off their grills to prepare for another summer of beaches and barbecues.  Westchester Power Washing is proud to be a part of this rich tradition, and our pressure washers are standing by to make sure your backyard makes the best impression.

Vinyl home pressure washing and deck staining deliver the sparkle your friends and neighbors will notice.  The clean vinyl and deck, the smell of the slow-cooking burger, and the fresh cut grass are a staple of the traditional Westchester neighborhood.  Check out the following tips to make your home “barbecue ready”:

1. Mow, mow, mow.  Be sure to keep the grass trim and the hedges at bay.  We’re happy to pressure clean all entrances and walkways, but be sure to take the first step in yard maintenance so the kids have a great place to play football.

2. Pressure clean the vinyl.  After a wet and warm winter, algae had the ideal conditions to grow on your vinyl home.  Particularly if your grill is stationed near your vinyl or deck, pressure cleaning should be your first option for summer home maintenance.

3.  Stain and Seal the Deck.  Westchester is slated to have one of the hottest summers on record.  If you live farther from the Hudson River (e.g. Bedford, Armonk, Katonah, Yorktown, etc.) you’ll certainly be at risk for heat to ruin the wood.  The application of our sealant and a brand new stain will bring out the best in your wooden deck — whether it’s two years old or twenty.

Westchester Power Washing is standing by to ensure your barbecue goes off without a hitch, and your vinyl siding remains unscathed from the elements of winter.  Give us a call to schedule a free estimate before the big summer kick-off party.


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