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Roof Cleaning Companies, Choosing

Roof cleaning companies in NYC clean black streaks, lichen, mold, mildew and algae from roofs and siding. Choosing a roof and siding cleaning company in Westchester County, NY, comes down to 3 things.

#1 Roof Washing and Siding Cleaning Experience

Roof shingles and siding can be damaged if not properly washed. Pressure washing roofs damages shingles, roof and roof paper. This causes leaks. Worse, your roof may need replacement which can costs thousands of dollars.

Experienced roof washing or roof cleaning companies, like Westchester PowerWashing know how to properly clean your roof. Westchester PowerWashing uses low pressure water to wet, not pressure wash your roof. Environmentally safe cleaning agents are used to remove mold, mildew, lichens and algae.

#2 Trustworthiness and Safety

Unfortunately, some roof washing and siding cleaning companies are scams. Your home is your sanctuary. This is your family sleeps. Roof and Siding Washing companies are easily set up by criminal enterprises. Make sure the home exterior cleaning business has been serving Westchester County for at least 5 years. Ask for referrals.

Westchester PowerWashing has been serving Westchester County, Putnam County and Dutchess County for more than 30 years. The owner of Westchester PowerWashing, Peter is a retired police officer and his employees are all screened.  

In addition, Westchester PowerWashing has thousands of customers in Katonah, Chappaqua, White Plains, Armonk, Scarsdale, Pleasantville, Hawthorne, Briarcliff, Somers, Bedford Hills, Thornwood, Cortland Manor and Harrison.

They even provide referrals by clicking here https://www.westchesterpowerwashing.com

#3-  Customer Service

There are three sides to great customer service,

  1. Showing up on time, ready to work
  2. Providing the service paid for and nothing less
  3. Cleaning and respecting the customer’s home

Many power washing companies under price to attract more customers. This means the customer hires unprofessional, inexperienced workers cleaning their roof and siding. Shopping by price usually means paying twice to hire a professional home washing company to do the job right.

Low price power washers cost customers more money. The best home washing company to call is Westchester PowerWashing at 914.490.8138 for a free estimate.

Westchester PowerWashing can even save you money.

Westchester PowerWashing recommends clients maintain their roof and siding than wait for it to look dirty. To save client’s money, they offer a roof and siding power washing maintenance plan.

Westchester County homeowners interested in roof cleaning, siding cleaned or driveways cleaned call, Peter, owner of Westchester PowerWashing at 914.490.8138. They give free estimates to clean your roof, siding or driveway.

Westchester PowerWashing cleans roofs, siding and patios in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. Westchester PowerWashing is a 5 star rated premier siding and roof powerwashing company in New York for more than 30 years.

Westchester PowerWashing can be reached at 914.490.8138 or https://www.westchesterpowewashing.com

*The bacteria mentioned- lichens, mold and fungus- can cause respiratory problems in people and pets. If not cleaned properly, lichens, mold and fungus are still on your home. Cleaning your siding and roof regularly is more important. Professionally scheduled roof and siding cleaning saves you money and saves your roof and siding from deterioration.

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