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If you are selling your house in Westchester County, Westchester PowerWashing has some valuable advice for you…

If you are selling your house in Westchester County, Westchester PowerWashing has some valuable advice for you. One of the best ways to increase the selling price of your home is to get rid of those ugly roof stains which may also indicate you have other problems with your roof and your home’s energy efficiency.
Potential buyers enjoy the fresh cut lawn, the newly painted front door and house and then look at your roof and see what appears to be an old roof or one poorly maintained causing them to rethink purchasing your home or offer a substantially lower price.
Furthermore, home buyers are going to have a home inspector provide a detailed report on your home’s condition which includes your roof, your home’s energy efficiency and whether or your home has other unhealthy mold or bacteria.
Those ugly roof stains are usually more than just ugly roof stains. Those stains are usually caused by moss, algae and lichens. Not only do they harbor mold and fungus, the moss, algae and lichens are living and eating off of your roof!
Needless to say, a negative report from a home inspector or simply a visual inspection by a potential homebuyer can cost you a sale, decrease your profitability and even have you paying much more than you should to appease buyers.
Your best solution if you are selling your home in Westchester County is to give the #1 rated home and roof powerwashing company in the New York area, Westchester PowerWashing a call at 914-490-8138 for a free estimate that gives you peace of mind when you are negotiating with buyers.
Peter, owner of Westchester PowerWashing, has been helping home sellers for more than 30 years get the best price for their home by not only making their roofs look beautiful  but by also providing other services such as pressure washing, vinyl pressure cleaning and deck staining and sealing.
For your convenience you can call Peter at 914-490-8138 or go to    https://www.westchesterpowerwashing.com to see what others have to say about Westchester PowerWashing as well as an extensive list of services Peter and his team provide for homeowners in Westchester County, New York.
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