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White Plains & Bedford Hills Patio & Deck Cleaning

Patio and deck cleaning by professional pressure washers, Westchester Power Washing, is available in White Plains and Bedford Hills. For free patio and deck cleaning estimates, call Peter Salotto at 914-490-8138. Peter Salotto, has been pressure washing deck and patio in Bedford Hills and White Plains for over 25 years. Peter knows how to expertly clean patios, decks, fences and outdoor furniture so they look almost brand new again.


roof cleaningPressure washing patios and decks while protecting the house, landscape and furniture is one of the important qualities. Another sign of an expert patio and deck cleaning pro is the proper use of the pressure washer. Pressure washer clean under a measurement call psi which means pounds in square inch. Use the proper psi on the power washer, Westchester Power Washing cleans your deck and patio removing dirt, marks, paint, graffiti and other blemishes.


White Plains and Bedford Hills homeowners call Westchester Power Washing to have their decks and patios cleaned more than any other pressure washing company. In fact, Westchester Power Washing is the #1 rated pressure cleaning company in Westchester County, NY.. Google business reviews rate Westchester Power Washing 5 stars.


In addition to patios, decks and fences, Westchester Power Washing is also the #1 rated roof and siding cleaning companies in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. Westchester Power washing removes black streaks, mold, mildew, moss, lichens and dirt from your roof, house and siding.


A dirty house is an eyesore and it reduces the curb appeal of the home. Pressure cleaning your home, roof, deck, patio, siding and furniture improves your home’s value and enjoyment. A dirty home allows mold and mildew to grow on the roof, house and siding. The only way to clean mold and mildew properly is to allow the cleaning solution to bathe the home. Some call this technique roof shampoo but soft washing is more than that. This type of roof cleaning is called soft washing because the cleaning solution soaks the area enough to kill mold and mildew spores.


Need  Patio or Deck Cleaning?

If you are in Bedford Hills or White Plains, call Westchester Power Washing for free house, roof and siding cleaning estimates at 914-490-8138. Patios, decks, outdoor furniture, roof, siding and house cleaning estimates are free.


Westchester Power Washing has been cleaning roofs, patios, decks, homes, siding and outdoor furniture in White Plains and Bedford Hills since 1990.  Call Westchester Power Washing and discover professional pressure cleaning today.

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