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Why Deck Staining and Pressure Washing are Crucial for Spring Cleaning

Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess:  Are you ready to give your home the spring cleaning it badly needs after this winter?

Good – we are, too.  We’ve compiled some helpful hints, tips, and tricks for you to use prior to scheduling your power-washing this year:

1) Look closely for mold. Walk around the exterior of your home and and identify any trouble areas you want your pressure washer to really focus on.  No matter what type of siding is on your home  – vinyl, stucco, wood, or otherwise -your power washer will be able to remove the dirt, mold, mildew, or algae that collected over the winter.  However, you’ll first need to identify where it is.

You’ll typically find green algae, mold (usually Northern exposure), in covered areas that don’t get much sun.  For example, houses shielded by trees and bushes are great sources for mold because of how damp the foliage gets.  Other areas like covered decks and front porches are prime targets for mold for the same reason.

When examining the vinyl for mold, be sure to look for light gray or black “spots.”  This is a common problem that Westchester Power Washing handles on an everyday basis.  Not to worry!

2) Pay attention to your deck.  A deck is a big investment and typically the “main stage” for summer parties, barbecues, and events.  If you have a beautiful raw wood deck, it needs to be carefully power washed and stained or sealed to preserve its life.  Sealing the deck and protecting it from the elements will ensure the wood doesn’t rot or crack.

3) Yearly maintenance saves big bucks. All surfaces degrade and need to be maintained to keep their value.  Considering the size of an investment, you want to make sure you’re paying for pressure washing and deck sealing and not an entirely new house!

Yorktown, Somers, and the surround areas need yearly maintenance due to the humidity and weather patterns in the Northeast.  Most decks in Westchester can have a weather sealant applied to prevent damage and prevently costly repairs to the homeowner.  Staining and painting – services we’ve been proud to offer Westchester for 20+ years – are also incredible ways to not only maintain your home, but beautify it as well.

4) Don’t forget about your walking surfaces.  So important!  Discoloration in your walking surfaces by pollen, mold, and dirt can make an otherwise beautiful Westchester home look like an eyesore.  We’ve seen many homes in Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Bedford and Pleasantville have this problem due to the many shaded areas on the properties.

Algae makes walkways slippery and can be dangerous to your family and friends.  Depending on how caked the algae or mold is to your surface, we strongly suggest calling us for an estimate to pressure wash those walking areas.

5) Wood deck furniture is just as susceptible to rotting as the decks themselves. Make sure your wood furniture is covered or brought inside during the winter season to be safe from mold or algae.  If you forgot, no problem.  Westchester Power Washing continues handling mold removal requests for furniture as well as swing-sets, playgrounds,  jungle gyms, and fencing.

We sincerely hope you can use this as a “checklist” to make sure your home spring cleaning is thorough and complete this year.  We look forward to helping you with the process.


The Westchester Power Washing Team

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