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Hiring the Right Pressure Washer

Hire a Professional Power Washer to pressure clean your house or decking

We all have seen them — unlawful signs placedl on telephone poles all around town.  They offer a power Wash of your wood deck or vinyl house at “very low cost.”  These signs were put up by a person who just decided to become a powerwasher.

It first sounds to good to be true with a tempting, low price — After all its just high power water spray.  What could happen?

Believe it or not – a lot. The following could and do go wrong:

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  • They have sub-standard equipment and using dangerous and hazardous solutions.  These people are called splash and dash, buy low end power washer which is not meant for large jobs such as houses and decking. These machines dont have the cleaning pressure of a commercial grade powerwashing machine. In turn the cleaning is not as good with a inferior machine.
  • Insurance. Many home owners think that everyone in business has insurance. Thats the wrong thing to assume and can cost you lots more than a bad pressure wash job and argument over payment. Is a low cost cleaning job worth the money saved if a uninsured contractor has a slip and fall accident on you property?


Why hire a pressure cleaning professional?

Most power wash professional service are experts in their specialty. They have the experience and training with the best tecqniches to clean and restore your house siding, (vinyl or wood) wood decking,  remove mold/mildew, and pressure clean your patio or brick walkway.

Professional powerwashers use the appropiate cleaning solution and sealer for specific surface being cleaned. Since full time power wash services are enviromentally friendly they use only earth friendly solutions. Additionally, they use only the optimal and necessary water supply to achieve job and do not waste any natural resources. A true sign of a washing company professional is either a guarantee or the results shown with the cleaning the wow effect. These professional will have reviews and testimonials from hundreds if not thousands of satisfied past customers who had used there service. The true powerwasher will be around when you call then again for another cleaning job .

Westchester Powerwashing has been been satisfying customers in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess co New York  for over 20 years.  We are fully licensed insured and locally owned and operated. We offer Quality service with the best pressure cleaning results and wash all exterior surfaces.

Westchester Power Washing has 20 years of experience providing the  most professional and client-centric pressure washing service in New York State for towns like Bedford, Armonk, Briarcliff, Ossining, and more.  Whether your home needs to be pressure-washed or your deck needs to be stained, feel free to give us a call for a free estimate or follow us on Facebook. (We don’t spam.  Ever.  Our page is a community of our clients and we respect their news feed and privacy.)

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