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Summer Pressure Cleaning Videos and Maintenance Tips

Power Washing in 99 degree weather? No problem.

With our pressure washing appointments being booked at a record pace, we know it’s that time of year.  Our residents in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties in the greater New York City area are looking for quality pressure cleaning, and we’re here to deliver.

Nothing’s scarier than the thought of your home’s value decreasing after the hot sun bakes green mold and moss into your vinyl, deck, and walkway.  Summer is upon us, however, and temperatures in the high 90’s aren’t doing an unprotected home any favors.

We’ve said as much some  to our regular clients in Briarcliff, Cortland, Rye, and Bedford, who are now protected and pressure cleaned whether they were selling their homes or barbecuing in the backyard.  Check out our latest pressure cleaning videos from Somers and Mahopac on the blog, as well as this one:

We rip through the green mold growing on this entranceway and prevent it from discoloring the brick and concrete they invested in for their entranceway.

Need us to power wash your vinyl or wood before the heat kicks in? Call us for a free estimate and visit our Facebook page for a discount.  Westchester Power Washing looks forward to making you a member of the mold-free Westchester residents.

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Westchester Power Washing has 20 years of experience providing the  most professional and client-centric pressure washing service in New York State for towns like Hawthorne , Briarcliff , Mahopac, Thornwood, Bedford,Hopewell jct and more.  Whether your vinyl or wood siding home, house needs to be pressure-washed or your deck needs to be sealed or stained, feel free to give us a call for a free estimate or follow us on Facebook. (We don’t spam.  Ever.  Our page is a community of our clients and we respect their news feed and privacy.)

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