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Westchester Home Roof Washing: Why Is It Important?

Westchester Power Washing strives for perfection in the roof and shingles of our residents.  That’s why our reputation for quality work comes from our “soft wash” cleaning process.  Here are two roof cleaning mistakes to watch out for when assessing the capabilities of your next roof cleaner:

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  • Using a power pressure washer.  Unlike pressure cleanings on patiosdecks, and vinyl, your home’s roof needs a “soft wash” technique to avoid damage done to the roof shingles.  Only a soft wash will preserve the integrity of the roof and avoid you having to replace those shingles prematurely.Always check the website of a roof cleaner to see which washing methods they use.  Watch out for the pressure washing gun on a roofs of their photo galleries as, again, high pressure is a detriment to the life of a roof.

    Inexperienced roof cleaners will typically use a surface cleaner and machine typically made for driveways at extreme force – merely inches from your rooftop.  The granules protecting your roof will be destroyed by that level of force.

  • “Does not harm vegetation.”  Be sure to hire a pressure cleaner whose soft-wash process does not indicate that vegetation won’t be harmed.  The algae and mold on the roof will need to be treated with solutions that are certainly capable of killing them.


Take a look at our roof cleaning section for more information on how you can protect your home and lower your electric bill in the coming months.

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